Industrial development depends on creation and outflowing of money in a specific country, which also needs the availability of raw materials and adequate physical construction facilities. In SAYAIS AGRO AND ALLIED INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED, you will get to see the above qualities which make this company a developed one. SAYAIS AGRO AND ALLIED INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED play the major role to a large extent in solving the problem of poverty, unemployment and inequality in India. The same company also works on a worldwide level effectively. SAYAIS AGRO AND ALLIED INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED are significantly contributing to the overall development of the economy by efficiently utilizing the local raw materials which produce more and more positive results in increase gainful employment opportunities to poor people likelandless, marginal and small farmers. The two integral components of SAYAIS AGRO AND ALLIED INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED are agriculture and industries. Due to the mutual relationships between these components agriculture provides input to the industry and output of the industry is used in agriculture to expand production. This expanded production helps to inspire the farmers for taking a variety of products on their farm. Because of our company no farmer has ever face the loss and will never be. The main priority of our company is STABILIZATION and GROWTH, and hence our agriculture production results in rapid advancement in output and employment in our company. We are mainly the food processing industries. In our company processing of wheat, rice, pulses, fruits and vegetables, etc. We just only processes the raw material so that it can be preserved and transported at a cheaper cost. Our main aim is to reduce poverty among farmers and provide them with employment . We want to give the 99% positive results to the efforts of farmers. Our tagline is “ WE FEED THE WORLD” and so here are we standing in front to do the justice for our aim.