SAYAIS AGRO AND ALLIED INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED mainly contains of two types of franchise. MASTER franchise and BASIC franchise. We are looking to build MASTER franchise and BASIC franchise all over the INDIA. Both the franchise will work on online system. Online software will be provided to the MASTER franchise, BASIC franchise and customer. Because of online software, working process becomes very easy to carry out. Also the connection between MASTER franchise and BASIC franchise becomes easy, anti-confusing and most importantly systematic.


The daily records of MASTER franchise and BASIC franchise will be updated online regularly on daily basis. The app contains the most updated features in it. Because of this working system of franchise manual work is reduced and all the system is working on auto-system.


Basically, the MASTER franchise is the centre of the particular area.

Company buys the product directly from the farmers. There is no place for agent or involvement of any kind of third party in this process. Because of this farmers get the direct and deserved payment for their product and efforts. Company then provide this product and other supplies to the MASTER franchise of respective area. As per the requirements MASTER franchise will supply the product to the BASIC franchise. The major benefit of this process is there will not going to be shortage of supplies in any franchise. Whenever needed, the proprietor of BASIC franchise will contact

to MASTER franchise ,and then the supplies will be transported in a short time span. A backup facility will be present all the time, in case of any emergency.


The complete system is working 24 hours throughout the week. And that is why SAYAIS AGRO AND ALLIED INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED have the very very less marginal error worldwide. In order to provide 100% accuracy MASTER franchise and BASIC franchise provides a feedback option to the customer. Main goal of both the franchise is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Both MASTER franchise and BASIC franchise will have ORGANIC products. With this the company provides 100% job security.


For this unique project, company provides training to both MASTER

franchise holder, and BASIC franchise holder. Training period of MASTER franchise is of 21 days, while training period of BASIC franchise is of 1-2 week.


We Feed The World And We Give Life To Farmer's Life.