What is food testing?

Food test is a method by which certain components of a food mixture can be detected. An example is FEHLING’S test for reducing sugar.

Why is food testing is important?

Testing for spoilage organism and pathogens may be used to examine and prevent the food poisoning outbreaks caused by food products and Ingredients. This is important as the whole supply chain may be contaminated in the process of food production.

1. The products, we provide to the customers are purely organic and A1 quality. As it is organic, So there is no chance of infection due to a product.
2. The product we provide is completely organic and method. So it is safe for each and every person to eat. We take care of the smallest thing so that regarding health there is no issue.
3. Food manufacture needs to accurately determine use by or best before dates for there products in order to meet strict regulation and to keep their brand and consumer safety. Because of this testing service we provide extra benefit to the customer, regarding shelf service. Because of these the quality of the product, consistency of ingredients, moisture content, acidity level has been increasing. Hence, we maintain the shelf life of our product.
4. We use the latest technology and method to identify the risk factor and quality of our organic product. We maintain the quality and there will be no health issue regarding the product. The process is done under the team of expert people and in a safe environment. We provide the best packaging team to ensure that, there will be no mistake in the packaging system.
5. We do maintain the freshness of the organic product and hence the colour bleeding gets prevented.
6. Our product is 99% natural and organic. We do not use or mix any kind of pesticides and chemicals and hence we got purity mark from fssai.